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About the Denver IAHSP Regional Chapter

Our membership works collaboratively with each other, local businesses, and Realtors® to provide premier services when Staging homes. We work to educate the community on the advantages and benefits of Home Staging, and to promote good will and camaraderie among Stagers and with the real estate community we serve. Our chapter goal is to support business growth, unity, and networking among our peers by:

  • Promoting the highest professional business standards and ethics
  • Facilitating educational, marketing, and business development opportunities
  • Serving as a networking resource to both our members and our clients
  • Fostering community where our members live and work
  • Increasing awareness of the ASP® Designation and the IAHSP`s identity in the industry
  • Providing a strong link between individual ASPs and the IAHSP®

For more information about our chapter please contact us!


Denver IAHSP Regional Chapter in the News & Community - Each year our IAHSP Chapter donates our time and resources to help a group, charity, entity, or family in need during the annual Worldwide Staging Service Week® (WWSSW®) each September.  If you know someone or a group that could benefit from our help, please contact us.


In 2013 we helped a family from the Africa Hope Community with refurnishing their home.  This darling family with 4 young children immigrated here from Africa leaving most of their belongings and their life behind.  Africa Hope helps integrate these people into society, helps them obtain employment and gets children enrolled in schools.  Our IAHSP Chapter was able to provide new furniture for the family room, children`s bedrooms, and helped organize the kitchen and Master bedrooms.  The family was so appreciative - exclaiming that it was like a dream house - and not the same place they left when we got there.

Check out the link to the photos of the project:  https://plus.google.com/photos/108905468916034140102/albums/5928810423229040977?authkey=CM75gv65yYrVvQE

In 2012, we did the Habitat for Humanity ReStore - helping Stage the Littleton store to make it more appealing to Buyers.  The store manager orchestrated a "Stage Off" - and we broke into teams to create to areas each - living and dining.  The results were amazing and that store had record sales that day!  All proceeds from the sale of the items go to support the Habitat for Humanity projects in the area. Denver is one of the top builders of housing through the H4H organization.

Check out the link to the photos of what we did!  https://picasaweb.google.com/108905468916034140102/DenverIAHSPWWSSW2012?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPvC5tnXrpfoQw&feat=directlink

In 2011 we participated with about 100 people in An EXTREME COMMUNITY MAKEOVER - which entailed going to a community in the Denver area and providing help with Curb Appeal for homeowners in need.  We helped 21 homes in one afternoon - providing support to homeowners that were elderly, disabled, or financially not able to stay on top of necessary upkeep for their yards.

What we did:

  • Painted over graffiti,
  • Weeded yards
  • Took out large stumps and other yard debris
  • Helped clear out overgrown yards
  • Scraped old paint and refreshed garage doors and fences with stain and paint.

Check out the photo gallery of our work:  https://picasaweb.google.com/108905468916034140102/DenverWWSSW2011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCI_4q-7C2tWFjwE&feat=directlink

In 2010 year we selected The Lambuth Center - a homeless shelter in Denver that operates under the auspices of the Salvation Army.  The condition of the facility was dated and worn.  So our goal was to add some updating and a splash of life to the place to help the families and staff.  A special thanks to Peggy Brandon who was our WWSSW Ambassador for this year - she did a stellar job in orchestrating everything and much appreciation to all our members who came and helped make a difference in the lives of others.

What we did: 

  • Painted 16,000 square feet of wall space - including 15 bedrooms, 2 offices, main eating area, main family room area, and hallways.
  • We re-did the children`s are in front including creating custom privacy walls for warmth and appeal.
  • We furnished the main common areas with new furniture donated by CORT Furntiure Rental and Amercian Furniture Showroom.  The local Hotel Liquidators donated as many lamps and as much artwork as we wanted.  They also gave us office chairs that were used in the classroom at the center. Chapter members obtained items donated by stores and individuals to help add decor and appeal.
  • We added new bath mats, shower curtain liners and hanging for robes or towels in each bathroom.
  • Each bedrrom received new artwork and a nightstand.
  • We furnished an office for the on-staff therapist as well.

The response to what we did as a Chapter has been fabulous.  The staff at the Lambuth Center cannot believe the transformation - some even remarking that the place looks better than their own homes!

Here is a letter from the head othe Denver Metro Salvation Army:

Ms. Jennie Norris:

Please extend a huge thanks to all who gave time, talent, and treasure to upgrade our Lambuth Family Transitional Residence.  What a face lift you gave us.   I have had the opportunity to take several people through this past week and they all remark "what a difference, we like it."   One lady said, "this is better than my house."

You know, most of all, we want to thank you for caring.  Imagine finding your family there and how much it means that you matter and that others would take an interest in your well being. 

Please extend our thanks to all who made this possible.

Raymond L. Peacock, (Dr.) MSW, ACSW
Lt. Colonel
Metro Denver Director of Social Services



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